Akcja „Burza”

Akcja „Burza”

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Akcja-Burza-297x300 Akcja "Burza"W rozkazie z 20 listopada 1943 Dowódca AK nakazał przeprowadzenie Operation Tempestwhich meant a military action of the HA against Germans conducted directly before the Red Army marches onto the pre-war Polish territory. According to the order the HA units were to attack German forces in diverse sabotage actions, transportation lines aimed at first. Neither military action against Soviets was allowed unless in self-defense.

Po wkroczeniu na dany teren oddziałów Armii Czerwonej, według tego rozkazu AK miała występować jako gospodarz. „“ The local Polish commander together with administrative civil authorities member are asked to reveal themselves at the Soviet forces and respond to their demands”.„.

Operacja „Burza” trwała od momentu przekroczenia przez Armię Czerwoną granicy polsko-radzieckiej z 1939, tj. na Wołyniu od 4 stycznia 1944 do stycznia 1945. Wzięło w niej udział ok. 100 thousand Polish soldiers and officers. For more information go to Operation Tempest.

1944-lipiec-walki-Lwow-300x227 Akcja "Burza"

Battle for Lviv ,1944

Russians would behave according to their politics. Soviet security forces – NKVD and counter-intelligence Smiersh would arrest and disarm Polish troops. Polish soldiers were executed (eg. Rozryszcz, Przebraż, Łozów, Antonówka) or incorporated to Berling’s Army. The HA officers were sent deep into Russia.

Once Vilnus was taken over by Soviets and Poles (ca/ 5,500 HA soldiers), Polish commanders were invited to negotiate. However they were all arrested and sent to the USSR. There was a roundup for soldiers who were sent to the camp in Miedniki and those who opposed being sent to Berling’s Army were deported to the USSR (Kaluga region). Similar beheviour of the NKVD was observed as for the soldiers of the Lviv region. In Lublin area 3 divisions of the HA that were heading for Warsaw together with the Red army were encircled by Soviets and disarmed. The HA soldiers were deported to Siberia with 2,7 00 incarcerated in Majdanek, a former Nazi camp. Paid their price as well the Silent and Unseen.

In total, Soviet security forces, mainly NKVD imprisoned in prisons and camps ca. 50 000 HA soldiers who were involved in the Operation TempestCivilians who lived in the Borderlands did not escape the Soviet terror, a dozen thousand were murdered. 35 000 of Vilnus Polish inhabitants were deported.