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    The Silent Unseen

    Compendium of knowledge about 316 paratroopers of the Home Army

I swear, that I will faithfully and adamantly guard the honour of Poland, and for its liberation I will fight with all my strength, until the sacrifice of my life

The Silent Unseen in Soviet gulags

94 Silent Unseen were sent to Soviet gulags in two waves: before the war and up to 1941, and when the war was near its end, and after the war.

List detailing the airdrops of the Silent Unseen

Unique list detailing the airdrops of the paratroopers, based on data from various sources – dates, operations, landing sites, locations.

There were 316

*Paratroopers of the Home Army* in memory of a Silent Unseen, my grandfather Lieutenant Józef Zając ‘’Kolanko’’    

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Summary of publications

One of a kind listing centred on the most important and noteworthy publications on the Silent Unseen, in Polish

Silent Unseen and the Warsaw Uprising

Według naszych ustaleń w Powstaniu Warszawskim walczyło 95 Cichociemnych, ok. 20 było rannych, 18 poległo

Project ‘’Cichociemni’’

[*] In memory of the 316 Silent Unseen, paratroopers, Home Army soldiers – freedom fighters

The History of the Silent Unseen on slides!

We publish PowerPoint slides on our Facebook profile a few times a week. The history of the elite special unit can be learned through watching our detailed slides, which include exciting details based on research. We hope, that we will be able to present the complicated fates of the 316 Silent Unseen in a way that is attractive to everyone, whilst showcasing fundamental information such as training, recruitment, work, service and their fight for liberated Poland.

Map detailing the airdrops of the Silent Unseen

This can be surprising, but not all airdrop locations of the Silent Unseen have been pin-pointed, despite the availability of documents which reveal the details. However, the landing place was sometimes hard to predict. The paratroopers have jumped in small teams, but not all of them have landed close to each other. The factual site of the landing – not the planned one – was decided by various factors: the training of the pilot, weather conditions during the jump, various methods […]

On inhuman land

That is how Józef Czapski described the project, realised by the Foundation im. Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy Armii Krajowej. The foundation works closely with Dr. Krzystof Hejke, on the pioneering project ‘’The Silent Unseen arrested by the Soviets and sent East’’. The first products of the works could be seen in Warsaw and Krakow and on the 9th of January 2018 in the Jagiellonian University. See the exhibition…

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