Silent Unseen (pol. Cichociemni) were soldiers of the Home Army in special service



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CICHOCIEMNI (The Silent Unseen) – patriotic rap MC Sobieski, muzyka: Patryk Bielewicz, production: Anima Villis



Commemoration of the Silent Unseen

jw-grom-pomnik-cc-4-300x248 Upamiętnieniejw-grom-pomnik-cc-3-300x238 UpamiętnienieIn 1989, the documentary film Cichociemni was created (script and direction Marek Widarski).

May 15, 2005 was unveiled in the special unit - Military Unit GROM The monument is dedicated to the Silent Unseen of the Home Army. A considerable degree of the exposition in Sala Tradycji (eng. Hall of Tradition, also localized in the GROM HQ) is also focused on the lives of the Silent Unseen.

Since August 4, 1995, the unit has been named - GROM, named in honour of the Silent Unseen, paratroopers of the Home Army is Poland’s leading special-operations unit.

In 2008, the documentary "We cichociemni. Voice of the Living" (script and directed by Paweł Kędzierski).

pomnik-cc-warszawa-761x642-300x253 Upamiętnienie

Monument in honour of the Silent Unseen, Warsaw

On October 7, 2013 in Warsaw at ul. Matejko, opposite the Seym of R.P. ( parliament) the Memorial of the Cichociemni Paratroopers of the Home Army was unveiled.

cc-boening-300x199 UpamiętnienieIn 2013, the documentary film Cichociemni was created. Fight for freedom or die ”(script and directed by Dariusz Walusiak).

In 2016, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland established the year 2016 as the Year of Silent People. The NBP issued a silver 10 zloty collector coin commemorating the 75th anniversary of the first drop of Cichociemni.

cc-monety-300x157 Upamiętnieniecc-pomnik-powazki--300x213 UpamiętnienieIn 2017, LOT Polish Airlines placed a parachute sign and signature commemorating Cichociemni on the hull of a Boeing 787 (SP-LRG).

The Silent Unseen are a patron for many teams and scouting organizations. Many books and articles have been dedicated to their thematic.

Na Cmentarzu Wojskowym na Powązkach w Warszawie znajdują się groby kilkudziesięciu Cichociemnych oraz poświęcony Im pomnik „TOBIE OJCZYZNO”

sala-tradycji-grom Upamiętnienie

Hall of Tradition, JW GROM HQ in Warsaw